Content Marketplace for Malaysian Freelance Writers

26 Mar


As work-from-home jobs and freelance writing careers continue to grow in Malaysia, it’s no surprise that various types of content writing marketplaces are also coming up in Malaysia. Where there is a need for original content, there will certainly be an equal need for freelance copywriters.

However, many copywriters especially those with journalism or mass-comm background find that word like content creations give a negative filling on them. These content marketplaces hire writers to work on a variety of projects for various clients from varies industry background.

The common misconception that freelance writers think of content creation companies is that they are looking to meaningless and fast written content and they shouldn’t waste their time. So why should you as a copywriter take the time to work with content creation companies?

As a freelance writer, I know that we’ve all tramped through writing a blog post on something we had absolutely no expertise. While there’s no doubt that there is a more demand for acceptable content for content’s sake, there is always a need for specialized, detailed, expert-level writing, regardless of the subject field.

Many of these high-quality content projects bring along their own benefits including a writer’s short bio-data to accompany the article. Moreover, working with well-known companies always looks good on your resume or LinkedIn page. Depending on the company in which you work, you may gain a social following in a field that you never thought possible.

While many copywriters tend to have customers in different subject areas, content marketplace offerings can often let you cover your writing outside of businesses in which you normally have clients.

Is a content marketplace for everyone? It’s all depends. But they certainly have their benefits and are well-worth exploring if you’re looking to expand your freelance contributions.

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What Malaysian Freelance Copywriters need to understand about content marketing?

19 Mar


Today’s freelance copywriters in Malaysia have more to think about than their colleague did few years ago. Today’s freelance writers don’t get to simply put writing to paper for their customers; instead they need to know what content marketing is and how to incorporate it into their writing projects.

Content marketing uses well written and visual content to appeal readers for sales lead generation or as a way of building brand authority. The writer creates this content so that it is useful to the audience through educational, entertainment or resources based related to the customer’s main business.

As content marketing continues to gain ground as a core strategy for many businesses, writers need to deliver copy that fits the business strategy. One of the most exhilarating trends for freelance writers is the amount of businesses that are spending in their content marketing plan. Consumers are turning away from normal advertising towards marketing which provides informational or educational value.

Many businesses aren’t prepared to handle the content writing capacity required for this type of online marketing, which opens up opportunities for freelance writers to grab this chance.

Many companies re-schedule their content marketing planning for social media marketing purpose, but these strategies are often considered exchangeable. Learning how to effectively write for social media channels or offering social media posting may become a common content marketing requirement today.

Freelance writers should move outside major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to seek out niche choices and newer websites. Consumers are turning to a selection of websites and blogs to determine the services and products they plan to try. Malaysian Freelance writers who learn how to imitate the writing style of standard websites within their industry will better be able to assist their customers.

Blogging Trend in 2016

12 Mar


Bloggers represent a huge growing market today. Millions of people blog everyday and many read blogs. The rise of the internet has completely changed the nature of information being shared and read.

It’s never been easier to share your interests or make a living sharing your interests.

Taking the time to learn just a few important facts can make your rise to the top of the blogosphere a much less lengthy and difficult ordeal.

The below infographic, will give you everything you need to know about creating a great blog articles in 2016 that readers and search engines will favor. It will also show you how and when to best leverage social media to promote your content and put new skills on your content.

At the end of the day, it’s all about doing something you enjoy and writing a great content for your readers.

Blog Trend Guide

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What is content curation?

4 Mar

As content marketing expert, you are responsible for creating content at an extremely frequent rate. Studies shows content marketing is proven to help generate leads, increase traffic and brings in other benefits to your site. However, many of us do not have the time, people or budget to write original content to keep up with the demand.

Definition of content curation as follows:

“Content curation is when an individual (or team) consistently finds, organizes, annotates and shares the most relevant and highest quality digital content on a specific topic for their target market.”

How can curation help your business?

Leading marketers are using a mix of 65% created content and 25% curated content. The below infographic shows the biggest benefits of content curation and see how it can help marketers overcome some of their greatest challenges.

Content Curation Infograph

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How to Write a Valuable Blog Posts

22 Feb


Writing engaging blogs for your business can be a difficult art form to perfect, and this part of digital marketing strategy is often ignored for the more renowned social media platforms that make communicating with potential customers quicker and easier.

However, maintaining an informative blog can be a great source of leads, as well as providing SEO rankings and content that you can then share through your social media channels. It’s difficult to know how and where to start, so we’ve put together some tips on how to craft valuable blog posts that your audience will actually want to read.

Understand the Audience

As with anything digital marketing related, you need to know your audience in order to produce quality content for them. What do your customers expect from you, and what are they used to seeing from your existing social media channels?  Always keep it consistent.

Types of Posts

There are a few fairly good blog “types” that will at least help to get you started. Everyone loves a list-based post as they are quick and easy to digest, how-to posts share valuable information with the audience, and curate content from other sources will keep audiences interested.

Keep It Concise

No one likes to read reams and reams of information, particularly when they are searching for a solution to a problem or specific need. Keep paragraphs short, tone concise and language simple – easily readable blogs tend to be more successful than wordy, long-winded ones.

Don’t Push Sales

Yes, your blog is a great source of leads and yes, it exists to tell people about your company and your product BUT you don’t want to use this particular platform to push sales at visitors. Focus on creating content that adds value to your company/product through helping potential customers with their problem. Showing that you know what you’re talking about will convert the readers to customers.

Include a Call-To-Action              

A call-to-action is a suggestion for the reader as to what they should do next. If you want more subscribers, ask them to subscribe, or if you want them to read more of your content, link them to something related. Same goes if you want more views on your website – include a website link to guide them where to go next.

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Benefits of hiring a freelance writer for business

12 Feb


Sure, it’s nice to have a full-time staff, who able to manage all copywriting jobs on-site. But for a lot of jobs, it’s far more efficient (and just as effective) to hire freelance talent. A freelancer who works out of her home won’t have a lot of overhead costs, so they can offer you lower than market rates. A freelancer copywriter in Malaysia who is local to your business won’t have to figure travel time, mailing expenditures, and other costs into his rate, so you might get the benefits of face-to-face interaction without the expense. You probably don’t want price to be the only factor in deciding which freelancer to hire.

The reason a lot of freelancers decide to freelance is, because they want to set their own flexible time. That kind of flexibility can benefit the client as well as the freelancer. Your freelance copywriter might be updating your website, posting a blog, replying your Facebook comments, and brainstorming a list of direct mail ideas after you’ve closed up shop for the night. In fact, you might be able to email your freelancer a list of assignments at the end of the work week, and find that they are completed and earning you money by Monday morning.

Related to flexibility is immediacy, the sense your freelancer has of wanting to get the job done fast. Freelancers are small business people too, and the good ones know they are more likely to make a profit when they meet your deadlines, exceed your expectations, and move on to their next assignment. They don’t have time for agenda-less meetings or office politics. They just want to get the job done.

Good freelancers have a lot of experience with a lot of different businesses. Each job they work on and each client they work for adds more knowledge to their craft, more skills to their collection. You get the benefit of all that experience on all your jobs too.

One of the hassles of hiring new staff is all the time you have to invest in training before they are really up to speed and able to make valuable contributions to your bottom line. Freelancer writer in Malaysia, on the other hand, are used to working on their own. Yes, you’ll need to define your expectations clearly, and give them access to the company information resources they’ll need, but you won’t have to sit with them and explain everything. You’ll be able to focus on your own projects while your freelancer completes the assignments you’ve given her.

Investing prudently in a carefully evaluated freelancer writer could mean the difference between good and bad for a business that’s doing so many other things. If you’re ready to give it a try, contact Content Writer Malaysia today, and let us help you connect with your customers.

Outsource for 2016

21 Dec
Outsource malaysia

Outsource your work

It the time of the year ends again and time to decide what you hope to accomplish before a new year comes.

Whether you call them resolutions, or goals, or determinations, reaffirming your ambitions is a healthy exercise in improving your quality of life.

Alongside personal resolutions, small business owners should do some goal-setting in their specialized line. Growing customer, staying organized and ultimately raising sales should all be items on that list of things to accomplish for small business owners. Finding more time to focus on taking your small business to the next level should also be a goal – and that takes some creativity since most business owners are already majorly strapped for time.

One way to free up your schedule for more of the projects you love is through hiring contract or freelance help for specific tasks. By outsourcing some of your small business task to other professionals, you can focus on innovation and growth instead. Hiring an outsourced professional in a particular area also ensures that you will have high-quality outcomes since the people you bring on do those things are doing them for long time. If “more time” is one of your small business goals for 2016, here are a few smart areas to hire contractors or outsourced help:

Social Media Management

80% of Malaysians have at least one social media account and they use it for everything from sharing vacation photos to making purchasing decisions. The influence of social media isn’t slowing down in 2016 and it’s important that businesses tap its full potential.

Do you have social media accounts where you never post? Are you unsure how to sign up for them, or how often to update them? Bring on a freelance social media expert, or hire a firm to handle it for you. You can generally pay for the level of involvement you want, making it more affordable than hiring someone as a full-time staffer to do it.

Not sure where to find a freelancer? Look on Content Writer or and find professionals with high feedback ratings.

Administrative Duties

Small business owners can’t be in two, or three, places at once but often feel pulled in several directions simultaneously. When you are trying to run a small business, phone calls and emails can really eat up a lot of your precious time. It’s really important to stay highly organized so that you are the most productive.

A great way to free up some time and stay on top of your packed schedule is to outsource your administrative tasks. This includes answering and returning phone calls, monitoring social media accounts and responding, handling email duties, and even scheduling tasks. You can either bring in some in-office help for a few hours per week or hire a virtual assistant from freelancing sites in Malaysia.

By giving those tasks to someone else, you free up your own time for other bigger items of your own and leave the day-to-day necessities to a well-trained professional.

Communication Tasks

Whether internal or external, the way you communicate as a small business owner is really important to your credibility. Don’t lose a potential client because of a misspelling or ineffective document. Hire the help of a writing or public relations specialist when it comes to the advertisements you mail, the emails you send, the content on your website, and even your official communications with employees.

By having a discussion about your branding and ideal messaging, you can give the outsourced writer or PR professional the right direction on how you want to be portrayed.

Website for your Business

Building a website is a must, but it’s just the first step in a strong online presence. It’s important to add fresh content to your site to improve its search engine optimization and you must also keep it updated with the latest security and browser tweaks. A website that is neglected will soon look that way, and could be at risk for being hacked.

Hiring a freelance website developer is a smart way to protect the investment you made in your site and keeps it looking professional. It also means that you are likely getting the help of someone well-versed in the online industry, who could make suggestions and improvements regarding your online branding.

A small business owner takes on a lot of roles in order to keep the company afloat, but there are cases where outsourcing is easy and inexpensive. As you look ahead to your goals for 2016 and beyond, consider delegating some of these tasks to other professionals. It will give you the freedom and flexibility to commit to other aspects of your business and will streamline your small business operations. By expanding the network of professionals associated with your small business, your overall influence and reach will grow.

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