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Naming your business

14 Jun

Giving a name for your business is a fundamental decision which you need to consider as part of starting a business. The challenge is to choose a name that’s appealing and easy to understand by your customer, but also fits well with your particular type of business.


Here are few things to consider before you start naming your business.

What do I want to accomplish with this name?
A name can help separate you from competitors and strengthen your company’s brand. You need to clearly define your brand positioning before choosing a name. You need to be looking for a name that supported a brand positioning strategy that was to be perceived as simple, honest, approachable and unique from your competitor.

Giving a name that can be extended to other business area
Avoid picking names that could limit your business from expanding its product & service lines or expanding to new locations in future. Always consider a general term of naming which could be used for your business, just in case you plan to provide more services in future.

Does your customer understand what you do just by reading your business name?
For most companies, it’s best to implement a name that provides some information about your products and services. PC Depot, for example, is a good name for a PC & Computer business in Malaysia because it gets people’s attention and also clearly relates to the company’s services. While unusual name like Yahoo and Amazon sometimes work, unusual names are always a crapshoot.

Is the name easy to remember?
The shorter the name, the better it gets, with added tips like avoid using hyphens or other special characters. When choosing an identity for a company or a product, simple and straightforward names cost less to brand. You also must be sure your customers can easily pronounce your company’s name like ‘Apple’ or ‘Google’. You also want to consider how the name looks in a logo, print advertising or a name card.

Is the name easy for people to spell?
Some companies purposely select names that consumers can’t easily spell. It’s a risky strategy to try to make a company stand out just because its look cools on paper. It’s important that your name be spelled exactly as it sounds. Otherwise, you will forever have to spell it out for people when saying the name or your company’s email or website address verbally.

Check the internet before deciding
A great name is worthless if someone else already has own it. Start with some free resources like Search Engines to do a search to see if the name is already in use. It would be useful too if it contains some required SEO keyword related to business. If possible make sure no one have used your company name as their domain URL. It will help your website to rank better in search engines when your customer search for your business keyword content.

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