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Sample Video Marketing Content – The Scarecrow

29 Jan

A very good video content marketing.

You need to take a the whole approach in telling your stories to attract and retain your customers.

Content marketing is not about spamming the customer; it’s to attract them with useful content like this video.

Advantages of using Freelance Content Writers

26 Jan


  • Attract search engines to your site
  • Add value to your site and increase traffic
  • Increase site stickiness
  • A regular supply of new content.
  • Will work with you to fulfill the aims of your Content Marketing Strategy.
  • Add value to visuals

Nowadays, Search Engines focus on websites that provide high quality web content and a rich customer experience as the first to appear on their search engine results.

This is why the need for a good web content writer has seen an increase in demand for SEO purposes. A good web content writer can provide high quality web content writing and web copy writing that is designed to provoke a reaction from website visitors and induce them to act in a way that benefits your company.

A good web content writer can check on the keywords you provide and strategically place them in any article, PR or blog post for you without making it obvious to your readers that they serve as subliminal messages. But the most important thing that a good web content writer does is, by placing these keywords in a strategic manner, search engines do not see it as keyword stuffing. Instead, it becomes part of relevant content that then helps your website rise up in search engine results page ranking.
By working with tried and tested techniques, a good web content writer can improve your website’s ranking within a very short period of time.

A good web content writer can also provide efficient web copy writing that can increase your sales on and offline. This means that a good web content writer can not only be a wordsmith for you but also an effective promotional and marketing person as well as a sales person through good copy written articles or blog posts. That’s the equivalent of hiring a small team of sales and marketing people for the price of one!

Because you can cut on the number of manpower you have employed, your company benefits greatly from the savings you incur. These savings can then be used for more relevant business development and improvement decisions for your company.
With a competent Web Content Writing Services company taking care of content for you, you are now free to focus on more important business development strategies while the web content writing team you hired takes care of all promotional activities you need through articles, blog posts and press releases that help increase your web traffic and page ranking through search engines.

There are many web content writing companies offering their services to business owners online from all over the world and they continue to provide content that has relevance to what is currently trending in the market today.
So take advantage of the benefits you can get from this today!


How to write a blog faster

25 Jan

How to write a blog faster

How to write a blog faster

What is SEO Content Writing?

23 Jan


What is SEO Content Writing? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) content writing is a process of creating optimized web content targeting specific internet audiences and create valuable information for both readers and search engine to understand. Well written content will increase page ranking and content relevancy for effective search engine hits. Some of this content includes keywords phrases, positioning of keywords and phrases, article length, and the amount of times keywords are used within that article. When this is done with the help of a professional web content writing service, the business will eventually starts receiving more exposure. By bringing more web exposure to the website, you will bring in more customer and sales lead.

The three most effective search engines today are Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Both Google and Bing have their own search systems, while Yahoo!’s provides data from Bing and no longer uses its own system. Google search structures maintain approximately 65% of engine searches. Whereas Bing is responsible for 30% of the searches, which includes Yahoo. All three search engines play a vital role in pouring traffic to your business website and content writers can make it happen with appropriate article writing.

Small business can benefit from using this type of service to increase their exposure and leads. By hiring a freelance SEO content writer, business will soon find its rankings climb within the search engines pages. This will drive more traffic to the website and bring business to the company. After all, the more visitors you have to your site, the more sales of your product or services will happen.

Content Writer Malaysia is a team of professional content writers who writes web content with your customer in their mind. We handle all kinds of content writing projects and deliver results for you.

B2B Content Marketing Strategies

20 Jan


Content marketing can be effective if you understand customer’s needs and uses the correct media to deliver your content. With so many content marketing available today, the critical question that business face is how to make a selection among these media and decide on the most relevant content for the target audience.

An effective content marketing would make an optimum use of the various content tools and delivery media so that the efforts changes into high quality lead which converts into sales. Below are some tips that would serve as a useful guide for you in planning your content market plan.

1) Know your target audience and design your content

The most important step is perhaps defining your target audience. There are mainly three ways to look at your target audience – in terms of the business size, job scope and rank level of the people in the business group.

For instance, if you are a financial planner, your target audience would be working people with certain income level to make an investment. After you have decided on your target audience, you must create content that these people are most likely to be interested in.

2) Decide the most appropriate content for your target audience?

You need to make sure that the content you design attracts the interest of the relevant audience. Besides, it should also convey to the audience your strong point and capabilities. You should try to adapt the content to address their specific needs.

The content that you publish is going to represent your business to your potential customers, and hence to retain or establish credibility ensure that the same is well drafted and perfect. The content should not only be designed for consumption, but should also provoke thoughts, which creates an opportunity for you to work together. It is best to target a niche market when designing your content. A niche market is important, because you need to position yourself so that customers get the confidence in your capabilities.

Some examples of content can include:

  • Educational blog posts
  • Pictures or info graphics
  • YouTube Videos
  • White papers or Slide Share presentations
  • Video, audio or written interviews (blog & video sharing sites)

3) Choose the right way to deliver the content

After drafting the message of the content, you also need to decide the most effective delivery mode. Think whether you should publish it as text content / video / presentation. In this modern age, remember that the content you publish gets out of date in a short period of time, so you need to publish new content continually. It is best to have a dedicated resource to handle this task. 

You need to think about the diversity of media to deliver content to your target audience. The media to be used would depend on the type of content marketing that you are looking to publish. If you are looking to reach business management people, you can think of an email newsletter, online presentation or white paper reports. You may also leverage LinkedIn, which is the most popular among all social media for B2B content marketing. Creating groups on LinkedIn network and publishing relevant posts as updates on the group can help you connect with people who would be interested in your content.

By sharing targeted and high quality content on industry blogs and social media site, you can grab the attention of the most relevant target customers. By providing a link to your company blog or to your website, you can drive the visitors to your site and create opportunities for lead generation.

Proper way to write content

10 Jan
content wins

content wins

Do you use content marketing to generate sales for your business? Does it generate the needed sales lead you are hoping for?  Below are some of the primary mistake people make when creating content marketing and how you can avoid it.

Like most people who use content to market their products or services, actually they do very little marketing of their own. They will hit publish and then share their article on whatever social networks they use. It takes less than 2 minutes if you do it manually.

If the content is useful enough, lots of people read it through, then email you or call you. Others share it on social network. On other hand, if the content isn’t useful enough, few people read it, even fewer get in touch with you or share it.

The important thing to know – content is the KING. That’s what gives the article or blog post to attract reads to connect with you or ignore you. If you’re writing content and sharing it with your networks and it’s not getting much response, this is the content you need to focus on. Some reason why content didn’t attract reads:

  • It could be too long, like most ineffective content. People are busy and prefer short, interesting rich content, rather than long content that the search engines prefer.
  • It could be that the subject title fails to grab them.
  • It could be that you are writing for SEO purpose rather than human readers.
  • It could be the content they’ve seen someone writing about the same subject.

It could be anything related to the content, which means it’s fading to engage and motivate people. Always write with passion, clarity and briefness on your chosen subject, is something you can become very good at and reasonably quickly.

Keep on to practice. It means writing often. It means being prepared to adjust your own writing style which eventually worth the time and effort involved. Happy writing……:-)

For all web content writing related services, Content Writer Malaysia provides a full range solution for your web content needs. Talk to us today.

Why Content Writing is important for your website?

3 Jan


Out of all of the marketing methods available today, providing fresh content writing for your website is one of the finest methods in today’s digital world. Let us show you how adding new content to your site helps boost your website’s popularity, drives consumer visits, and provide your customers and search engines exactly what they wanted online.

Content does impact Search Engine Rankings

When you add content to your website, search engine bots runs to index it. Indexing means it’s placed on the search engine results page (SERP), so when people type in specific keywords, the site will come up. Having fresh content regularly means having more pages indexed on search engines. This benefits your site in a number of ways:

Your site will be ranked higher in the SERPs and usually user will only search first few pages of search engine sites. So higher your site ranks the more traffic it will receive.
Fresh contents are the favor of Search Engines and the crawl will get those sites that are updated regularly, which means your website will show up in more results
Search Engines believe that the best websites are those have a high number of quality back links, and you can achieve this by providing fresh content that people want to refer to on their website.

Search Engine Ranking adds to Sales

If you’re wondering how this fresh content adds value to your business sales. Basically content on your website is like advertisement. When it shows up on search engines page like Google or Yahoo, consumers notice your site. When they click on that link, they will read your content and discover about your business. This can lead them to purchase your products and services.

Without good content writing, your website may not get the visibility you need to bring in customers. When no one sees your content, no one will understand your business, so indirectly no sales happen.

Content Provides Excellent knowledge

Besides bringing in consumers, content also educate customers with product review and knowledge. With web content, you are telling your visitors about the benefits of what your business offers them. You are giving people information they are unknown and looking for answers.

Content is priceless to Your Business

The more information you provide your visitors, the more they will learn about your business. People want to work with businesses they can trust on, not only in the short term as they are making a purchase, but also during repeated sales and services. So always bring in the targeted traffic you need with quality, fresh content that gain more sales and provides customer service that goes beyond their expectations.

About us: Content Writer Malaysia is a group of experience SEO content writers who help businesses with their website content writing task and delivers top quality web content writing services to all types of industries in Malaysia.