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What Freelance Writers Need to Know about Content Marketing

25 Aug
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Today’s freelance writers don’t get to simply put pen to paper for their discerning customers – they need to know what content marketing is and how to incorporate it into their customer marketing campaign or projects.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing uses written and visual content to attract readers, whether for lead generation or as a way of building brand authority. The writer constructs this content so that it is useful to the audience through product education, entertainment or resources related to the customer’s core business.

Content Marketing Institute found that 83 percent of B2B marketers have a content marketing strategy. As content marketing continues to gain ground as a core strategy for many businesses, freelance content writers need to deliver copy that fits the mold.

More Companies are investing in Content Marketing

One of the most exciting trends for freelance writers is the amount of companies that are investing in their content marketing strategies. It’s no surprise that consumers are turning away from traditional direct advertising towards marketing that provides entertainment or educational value.

According to Hubspot, 71% of surveyed marketers are planning on increasing their budgets for content marketing efforts. Many companies aren’t equipped to handle the content volume required for this type of marketing, opening up opportunities for freelance writers.

Get Ready for Social Media Marketing

Many companies repurpose their content marketing assets for social media marketing, but these strategies are often considered interchangeable. Learning how to effectively write for social media channels or offering social media snippets of longer-form content may become a common content marketing requirement.

Freelance writers should move beyond major social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to seek out niche options and up-and-coming websites. Additionally, using tools such as Hootsuite can make it easy to post and manage content on multiple channels and help freelance writers work more effectively.

Freelance writers who learn how to emulate the writing voice of popular websites within their industry will better be able to serve their customers.

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