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Why Content Marketing is important for your business?

9 Sep

Just imagine you’re aim is to rank high on Google while generating more traffic and sales to your website, building trust and brand awareness, and becoming an authority in your niche! Wouldn’t these sounds like a dream come true?

If you have an online business or brand and want to create more recognition, build trust, acquire more leads, then you need a good content marketing strategy or at least that’s what the rules of the game are right now.

A dedicated social media expert with good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) skills is definitely handy. But if you’re aiming at marketing through this person – it might not be the wisest of decisions you have made so far! From where we stand, content marketing needs a dedicated professional behind the desk who understood the important of content marketing overall.

content marketing malaysia

content marketing malaysia

Content is still the king!

If you want to compete in the game of “google rankings” then you need content – not just content, but good content.

Reasons why content marketing is vital for your business

Below are few reasons why content marketing is vital for helping your business grow now and in the future:

  1. Google rankings

Why do you think sites like Mudah and Lelong both rank right up on page #1 of Google for the keyword “Buy and Sell Malaysia”?

The recent algorithm changes on search engines have only increased the importance of content for businesses. Big or small, there is no way you can skip this – it’s either quality content on a consistent basis, or being ranked on the 8th page for your keyword!

  1. Building trust

The best way to win trust is via Content marketing.

Creating a consistent flow of industry informative/ knowledge sharing posts helps establish the image of a customer centric brand. A brand that doesn’t move away from sharing insights into their field is definitely the one to trust and engage with.

  1. Increased sales

Can content marketing actually increase sales?

Creating a post that interest those readers will attract the visitors to more engaging relation. Example, like selling an e-book on how to make passive income may attract users to buy that e-book from the link provided by author of the site.

  1. Brand awareness

Brand awareness is a lot different from marketing. Marketing aims at bringing in leads and thereafter, sales; on the other hand, brand awareness is promoting the idea behind a brand – something that gives the target audience a thing to relate the brand with.

Whether you’re a startup, small business or someone who is already established in the industry – if your brand message isn’t clear, there’s no way you’ll reach any further than you are now. The hyperactive informed user of today wants things that they can relate with them and not a sales pitch!

  1. Authority in your niche

If you want to stand out from the crowd and become one of the top authorities in your niche, then you need to be more informative and share the knowledge of your industry with your audience without thinking much. Offer different forms of content – from e-books, case studies, video and blogs, etc.

The internet has caused everyone to be constantly information hungry – if you become their source of information, there is no denying you an authority in your niche.

  1. Cheaper than other forms of marketing

A well-known statement that helped a number of businesses reaches where they are today is “The difference between Paid SEO and Content marketing is that, Content marketing doesn’t get affected by algorithm updates, while paid SEO does”.

Still in doubt or thinking why you need to use content marketing to promoting your business? Talk to us today and we could help you.

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