What Malaysian Freelance Copywriters need to understand about content marketing?

19 Mar


Today’s freelance copywriters in Malaysia have more to think about than their colleague did few years ago. Today’s freelance writers don’t get to simply put writing to paper for their customers; instead they need to know what content marketing is and how to incorporate it into their writing projects.

Content marketing uses well written and visual content to appeal readers for sales lead generation or as a way of building brand authority. The writer creates this content so that it is useful to the audience through educational, entertainment or resources based related to the customer’s main business.

As content marketing continues to gain ground as a core strategy for many businesses, writers need to deliver copy that fits the business strategy. One of the most exhilarating trends for freelance writers is the amount of businesses that are spending in their content marketing plan. Consumers are turning away from normal advertising towards marketing which provides informational or educational value.

Many businesses aren’t prepared to handle the content writing capacity required for this type of online marketing, which opens up opportunities for freelance writers to grab this chance.

Many companies re-schedule their content marketing planning for social media marketing purpose, but these strategies are often considered exchangeable. Learning how to effectively write for social media channels or offering social media posting may become a common content marketing requirement today.

Freelance writers should move outside major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to seek out niche choices and newer websites. Consumers are turning to a selection of websites and blogs to determine the services and products they plan to try. Malaysian Freelance writers who learn how to imitate the writing style of standard websites within their industry will better be able to assist their customers.

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