Content Writing Ideas for Wordpress

23 Aug

If you are writing blog or informative articles such as this one, you may come across upon WordPress site like this. One of the main reasons to use a WordPress site as a content creation site is to make your online marketing efforts become less hassle and easier. Writing content on a regular basis like weekly and every few weeks once is required if you expecting some result. Here is a summary:

  • Every piece of WordPress content like blog or article you create is potential to become a new element that is indexed in search engines. Over time, your site can have hundreds of  index points making it easier to be found by user.
  • When it comes to creating different types of content like written content and audio/video content. WordPress makes it easy to share any of these forms of content.
  • There are 3 main items to consider when creating your content on regular basis:
    • Your idea and your experiences
    • Other people’s input and experiences
    • Feedbacks and responses
  • For creating content from your own idea try the following things. What can you teach? What are questions you frequently get from you user over and over again? What do you want to show them (i.e.  your skills). Do you have strong thoughts on a topic? Do share lessons learned from your business?
  • For creating content using other people’s input, you may do the following things. Try to interview someone in your industry using any media like video or podcast or written questionaire styles? Request for a guest authors on your site. Collect of powerful information from other publishers and review it in your own style.
  • For creating content based on your feedback or to certain latest news like responding to another article or news story that you saw lately. You can do a review of a product or gadgets which you know. You can get involved in social media sites and find trending topics to write about.

If you find all these methods to be too hard to follow or not enough time to do the task, we at could help handle the task of writing a clear and user friendly articles for your blog site. With a pool of talented writers and over 5 years of experience in web content writing, we will take care of your web content task.  Visit our Content Writer Malaysia site today.

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